We do our best to support Android Weather Services on the broadest possible platforms:

- Supported OS is Android version since v1.6+, inc. ICS (v2.4)

- Displays compatibility:
         QVGA, WQVGA 400/432, HVGA, WVGA 800/854


In Android Weather Services you have the option to have displayed current temperature in the notification bar. After drop down, you can see all necessary weather details, as well as you can use it to open the application main window after tapping on it. You can also choose white/black or transparent colour of the notification bar and the temperature icon separately, so it can suite any android color scheme.


By default, use 'My location' is enabled after application installation. This provides Android Weather Services location No.1 with automatic and dynamic current location search and identification.

Automatically, the nearest weather station is selected to provide weather information for your current location, even when moving and travelling. My location gathers data from GSM network, so it's very battery saving compared to GPS, there is absolutely no problem to have this features always on. In addition, you can add up to 3 locations in Free version and up to 10 locations in Pro version. For search, you have available many tens of thousands of locations worldwide.

Weather Data   

Our weather data providers, together with our functionality of dynamic 'My location' enable us, to provide you with live and detailed local weather conditions and forecasts for up to 5 days. You can see basic weather data as: Current temperature, Day Hi/Low and Feels like temperature. Further, you can enjoy weather details as: Humidity, Dew point, Sunrise & Sunset time, Rain today, Air pressure, Gust speed and Wind speed. For the forecast, you have this information available in nice summary charts, or in readable text format. Although the weather data are very similar, some users in some locations prefer a different weather data provider. For this purpose, we have a unique feature for you. You can select in the application menu WeatherBug (default), or Google weather as you prefered weather data provider. In the future, we plan to even extend the list of our providers.


There are currently 5 different Android weather widgets available in both, Free and Pro version provided with a very precision graphical design. They offer you quick information about the current temperature, day Hi/Lo, forecast, your current location, time and date.

The selection of widgets cofiguration is:

    - Flip Clock 4x2

    - Android Weather widget inc. forecast 4x2

    - Forecast 4x1

    - Clock with actual conditions 4x1

    - Mini 1x1.

You can mix various of this Android weather widgets to get your prefered design and information on your android device. By taping the widgets, the main weather application window is launched. You can choose any locations weather details to be displayed on the widgets - in the locations application settings by taping on 'W' - illustrating Widgets.


It is our aim to provide a weather application with full-scale customization possibilities. Therefore our application is fully customizable in this areas:

- graphics: via Themes and user modifications of fonts, backgrounds, colours, text outlines...

- widgets: choose out of 5 widgets, modify the colours on widgets, select if dayname and date should be visible on widgets

- units: Celsius, Fahrenheit, speed units (km/h, mph, m/s, knots)

- notifications: in status bar Yes/No, colours, transparency

- maps: resolution and days to download

- refresh settings with possibility to setup refresh interval and hours in day to refresh (From/To - exclude night hours)

- select weather data provider (WeatherBug, Google weather, more to come)

- webcams: display number of found webcams

- start on device boot: Yes/no

Stunning Icons

Together with the beautiful Themes and builtin Android Weather Services widgets, the stunning icons set graphics is a third complement to provide you with high quality visual experience.


Live WebCams   

Why to have 2 different applications for weather information and online live webcams ? With Android Weather Services, you get for free the functionality to spy around the world via many of ten thousands webcams around the world. What is the real weather in my or the neighbour city, how does look the hurricane coming from south or is it still a sunshine in California ? Choose your location and select Webcams in application menu and you will `see`. The application will search for all webcams in which the location name is included and there will be very probably many.


Select one of predefined graphical themes, or simply create you own? It's up to you and it's a lot of fun! This is probably one of the most unique and most appreciated features of our weather application. You can select one of the predefined Themes and graphicaly customize your application simply by one click. Or, if you like to play with things, you can create your very own Theme by selecting a picture - f.e. a photo from your phone (nature, family...) as a backgroud, use the embedded functions to simply crop/rotate/resize a picture to be perfect for you background, choose a font style, font colours, font outline colours and outline size and of course - widget colours. You can chosse from 4 modes for the text outline modifications: None, Simple mode, Advanced mode and Expert mode. With this variability, you will be sure that there is no other weather application like this, simply yours. After you are done with your Theme, you can simply upload it. After it's approved, it will be available to all users. Just see than the statistics and trends of your themes, how many users are using it etc.

Weather Maps   

There are 4 kinds of animated forecast maps available for:

    - precipitation

    - clouds

    - temperatures

    - wind

You can setup for up to 7 days forecast animation, to see the situation in your area. The animation frames are on a 6 hours frames rate and you can setup the animation rate from 0,5 - 15 sec per frame. And finally, if your connectivity is fine, you can choose maps in HD quality, which are really nice.


Don't want to spend any money on apps, but want to use the premium Pro content ? With Android Weather Services it's possible. To test this new feature, we have implemented the Leadbolt unlocker for Themes. To unlock a content, you need to follow 4 simple steps after you tap the Unlock button:

    - Select an app - from the list provided by Leadbolt

    - Download and install the app from Google Play

    - Open the installed app

    - Return to Android Weather Services and Enjoy the unlocked content

If you uninstall the tested 3rd party app, your content will stay unlocked.


To provide you with a quick and comfortable way to `see` the forecast, there are weather charts for you ready. In this, you can see the current day + 5 days forecast in up to 3 graphs - Temperature (Hi/Low, Feels like, Dew point), % Precipitation chance and weather icons and % of Humidity (this one is not for all US cities available).

Battery & Others

It's worth to mention, that we have put a lot of effort to make this application optimized for battery consumption and so we are proud to tell that Android Weather Services is one of the best weather applications in field of battery consumption. Besides that, there are other useful features as caching of weather data for offline viewing, quick access to your default clock and calendar applications and other. Just give it a try and you will like it J.

Development and support

We try our best to provide our users and customers the best customer experience! Because of that, we carefully listen to your comments, try to help you with any issue, shape the application to suite users needs and expectations and provide a continuous development to become and stay the android weather application No.1 - which is already the case for our many happy users ;).

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