Main application window

Main application screen

Theme: Bubble Jumble

Main application screen

Theme: Cold Stone with Weather Services Menu icons

Main application screen

Theme: White Madness

Main application screen

Theme: Aurora

Main application screen

Theme: Desert Night

Main application screen

Theme: Red Honey Comb

Forecast details

Forecast details screen

Initial screen

Initial configuration screen displayed during installation - basic app setup.

Android weather widgets

Widgets 1

WS Flip Clock 4x2; WS Forecast 4x1; WS Small 1x1

Widgets 2

WS Flip Clock 4x2; WS Small 1x1; WS Forecast 4x1

Widgets 3

WS Weather 4x2; WS Clock 4x1; WS Forecast 4x1

Widgets 4

WS Clock 4x1; WS Forecast 4x1; WS Clock 4x1


Notifications 1

Notification icon - white; Detailed notification bar - black

Notifications 2

Detailed notification bars - transparent and white

Notifications 3

Detailed notification bar - white

Weather Maps

Weather map 1

Cloud map

Weather map 2

Wind map

Weather map 3

Temperature map

Weather map 4

Precipitation map


Weather charts 1

Displaying Temperature, Precipitation, Humidity

Weather charts 2

Displaying Temperature, Precipitation, Humidity


Locations 1

Typing just "new", search...

Locations 2

Search results for "new"

Locations 3

Displaying and management of up to 10 locations.

Themes and Customization

Themes 1

Showing default themes

Themes 2

Free themes tab

Themes 3

Themes customization

Themes 4

Customize themes - select font colors

Themes 5

Customize themes - select background for own theme

Themes 6

Themes landscape mode wallpaper

Themes 7

Theme wallpaper image editor

Themes 8

Theme wallpaper image editor

Live Cams

Webcams 1

Showing 50 webcams for Mexico City

Webcams 2

Showing 15 webcams for Zermatt

Webcams 3

Showing 50 webcams for New York

Webcams 4

Showing 35 webcams for Helsinki


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